A lifeline ...... for dogs in need

Registered Charity Number 1161037

Romanian Rescue Appeal was set up by a group of us in the UK, all normal people; jobs, kids, etc. As dog lovers we saw the situation in Romania and couldn't just close our eyes. In the beginning we felt powerless to help and at a loss as to what we could do but now we have come together to form Romanian Rescue Appeal. We are taking positive action to help animals in desperate situations.

We raise funds and work with a network of people on the ground in Romania to offer assistance where it is most needed. We are helping to fund the building of rescue shelters where dogs can be kept safely and in good conditions while their forever homes are sought. We step in in emergency situations to find places and help for dogs in desperate need. All donation money goes towards the dogs: we do not "employ" anybody in the UK, it is all voluntary.

We need more help and volunteers to enable us to do more so please - join us, follow our Facebook page, share our cause, donate and help us to raise funds. Whatever you can do will help.

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