Meet The Team RRA heroes

Lindsey Church (Director)
LindseyI live in Merseyside and I founded RRA nearly two years ago when I came across the plight of the Romanian dogs. I felt that safe shelters were needed in Romania to help the dogs who will not be adopted. From then the group has grown to be a team of eighteen. I have always had dogs from the streets and indeed any animal in need. I am single parent to two children and also have a full time job but I do try to be involved in every aspect of RRA to make sure the charity is running as well as it can.

Brad Davis
BradDavisI volunteer for RRA by promoting the dogs on Facebook and other adoption websites, as well as fundraising. I first read about RRA on Facebook in December 2014 and donated some money but the more I read about it and saw updates, the more I felt that I should try to help, so I contacted the team and it just went from there. It can be really hard work sometimes (as it is for everyone who volunteers), balancing a very busy day job and family life (my daughter was born in November!) as well as running two small businesses from home in Coventry – but it’s worth it every time a dog gets rehomed and you get to see the pictures of them enjoying their new lives! I’m hoping to adopt my first dog this summer. He was my first ever advert posted and no-one has ever enquired about him, so he’s going to be mine, all being well! I do have four rabbits and seven chickens, and one of the small businesses I mentioned is Barn Farm Bunny Boarding so there are lots of animals in my life already. But it’s definitely time for a Romanian Rescue Appeal dog!
Catarina Almberg
CatarinaAlmbergI live in Sweden, in a city called Umeå. I have been interested in helping the Romanian strays since I found out the whole truth about them and when the truth came out. Lindsey asked me to help with RRA and I am very happy that I did because when I see how much the team does for the dogs in Romania, it is fantastic. I provide a link to Sweden and have also helped some Suceavadogs in finding new homes here, something which I hope I can continue. 
Cheryl Webster
CherylWebsterI live in North East Lincolnshire. My role within RRA is to assist with monitoring and answering the messages which come into our inbox. I first became involved with RRA in November 2014 by sponsoring a dog. I discovered the plight of Romanian dogs through a local lady who has a charity shop for Romanian rescue dogs and who also helps to rehome them. I couldn't ignore what was happening there and so decided I would help out where I could - be it donations, sponsoring, fund raising, sharing posts or  generally raising awareness. I joined the team officially in March 2015. I am married, with three grown up daughters and 2.5 grandchildren. I work as an admin assistant in a local pre-school.
Claire Cook
ClaireCookI live in Cwmbran, South Wales.  I got involved with Romanian Rescue Appeal after learning of all the neglected and suffering animals in Romania and wanted to help. I do fundraising and promoting for RRA and I help in any other way that I can. I work as a home carer in my local community and enjoy socialising with family and friends. I have two dogs and am about to gain a third from RRA and I also sponsor other dogs too.

Julie Ann Pownall
JulieAnnPownallI joined RRA to help with updating our wonderful sponsors and translating any messages into German and French, if needed. I am originally from Manchester but now live in Germany near Frankfurt. I am an actress who teaches German children how to act in English. I work in the Theatre Studies department of the university in Giessen and also act myself in various projects. I have two cats and a German Shepherd from rescue centres. I speak German and French fluently and got to know RRA through Debbie Dent who sponsors and fundraises for the charity.
AnnieHi! I'm Annie and I mostly promote the photos for adoption on Facebook but am also involved in the adoption process, helping to matchmake dogs and owners and bring best friends together. There's also a lot of behind the scenes organisation, admin and correspondence which takes place to make sure all the dogs are ready for adoption. I volunteer in my spare time around my full time job in media. Animals are my main passion and being part of a very active rescue charity, helping so many lives, is an honour and so fulfilling. The best part for for me is when I get to see the happy stories and photos of dogs whose lives have could have been very different.
Sue Brothwood
SueBroothwoodI live in Telford, Shropshire. I have always been involved in animal rights. I remember when, as a young girl, I won some ducks at a fair: I gave them to a friend (who I knew would be allowed to keep them) rather than take them home to be killed and eaten. I was known for picking up worms so people wouldn't tread on them!! I have always valued life - although there are a few exceptions (lice, fleas and ticks). When I first heard of people rescuing Romanian dogs I thought, as a lot of people do, that there are enough dogs to rescue in the UK, so why rescue from abroad? Then I saw a video clip which someone posted. There were a lot of dogs in a cage, their limbs probably breaking as they were pushed through the bars. The dogs were screaming and the woman was distraught. The face of one of the dogs still haunts me today. Then when I saw more and more atrocities, I knew I had to help, but didn't see how I could: I have no money; I am married but I had to give up work to look after my daughter (who has become increasingly disabled since 1998). How could I possibly help? None of my friends shared any of my posts. No-one wanted to know because they couldn't sleep at night after seeing the pictures. I too lay awake night after night worrying, trying to find a way to help. Then it came to me - I would open another Facebook account solely for the purpose of helping the dogs. The rest, as they say, is history ... SHARING SAVES LIVES!!! ... 'likes' are totally worthless.
Hayley Mussell
HayleyMussellHi - my name is Hayley Mussell, I live in Hampshire. I'm a mother to a fourteen month old boy and work part-time as a Corporate Account Manager. I've been helping RRA since December 2014. I mainly run the auction but I am also involved with the fundraising team and help with other odd bits here and there. I have a passion for animals and have done since I was young. The cruelty that goes on in this world sickens me and shatters my heart every day. I know I can't save every animal in the world but I'll try my best to make a difference until the day I die. xx